Thursday, April 3, 2014

"The Effect of Sanctions on Russia?"

The Effect of Sanctions:
“Let's cut right to the chase about Russian behavior and the efficacy of any economic sanctions: Anyone who believes these sanctions will bring Russia to its knees understands little about Russian history. Remember, this is a country that in the past 100 years:

1.       Suffered the greatest military losses in World War I

2.       Had a revolution and bloody civil war before the Bolsheviks finally consolidated power

3.       Endured the horrors of collectivization and Stalin's engineered famine in Ukraine

4.       Endured Stalin's reign of terror

5.       Suffered the greatest losses known for one country in any war during World War II

6.       Endured the expenses of the Cold War and the economic stagnation produced by 45 years of Communism

7.       Suffered 10 years of kleptocracy and the loss of an empire following the collapse of the Soviet Union

They are going to rethink the annexation of Crimea because we're canceling a G8 meeting and putting a few miscreants on a persona non grata list? Get serious. When Ukrainians do to Russians what Afghans have done to everyone over their history, Russia will change -- and not one minute before.” Wrote Howard Simons.


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