Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Klara's War,

At Last!! #KlarasWar (Klara with a K) a sequel to #KlarasJourney is available on Amazon. Order Your Kindle/Paperback copy today. Read it now!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Klara's War, new historical novel, the second book of the Klara Trilogy by Ben G. Frank

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For immediate release

Klara’s War, a World War II historical novel and the sequel to “Klara’s Journey,” by author Ben G. Frank, has been published. The novel, which deals with danger, adventure, separation and love, follows the story’s characters across continents, from the Ukraine, Russia and Tajikistan, to France, Israel and Florida.”
            “Klara’s” War begins in 1941 at the Nazis’ brutal attack on Russia and causes the flight of young Klara Grossman, who then meets and marries Warsaw-born Volya Warchawski on a train.  The young couple, alone and terrified, goes on a perilous journey through exotic Asian lands. That is, until an unexpected and shocking separation causes their lives to unravel into a desperate fight for survival.       
            Readers of Klara’s War will witness how the story of these two and other unforgettable characters reaches a thrilling climax during the turbulent post-war era of the tumultuous days of Israel’s War of Independence.
            “World War II was the worst war in human history. The death toll was as many as 85 million people, including six million Jews. Man of those who survived suffered deep physical and mental anguish. Lest we forget,” Frank said.
            Among the topics of this new, thoroughly-researched, electrifying book, is the story of the Anders’ Army, the name of the Polish Armed forces in the East in 1941-42. Created in the Soviet Union, it was evacuated from Russia and made its way through Iran to Palestine where it passed under British command. Many Jewish members, including one of the main characters in the book, desert that unit in Palestine and join the group which later becomes the Jewish Brigade. Jewish history comes to a vivid and engaging life in this tale of interconnected characters. 
“Klara’s War” is available on Amazon.com and select bookstores.  Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T14WCV3?ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_ippeDbDMC23DC&tag=kpembed-20&linkCode=kpe

“In Klara’s War, Ben Frank continues the saga of unforgettable characters. Two decades later, a new, youngercourageous and intrepid Klara appears on the scene. Her relentless search for her family after the tragedy and disruptions of the holocaust offers a resounding tribute to the human spirit and the bedrock pull of peoplehood and family. This is a story for the ages." 

Warren Adler, author of The War of the Roses and The Serpents Bite.

“A consummate teller of tales, Ben Frank outdoes himself in Klara’s War, an epic novel of war, survival and the redemptive power of love. In this sequel to Klara’s Journey, the reader is taken on a dizzying voyage of lands and emotions. An experienced travel writer, Frank’s imagery is vivid and his historical reach expansive.” 

Alida Brill, author of Dancing at the River’s Edge and Dear Princess Grace, Dear Betty.

“If Alan Furst specialized in Russia and the Crimea, and was in love with Klara, he would write like Ben Frank."

Lewis Burke Frumkes, author, radio show host. 

 BEN G. FRANK is the author of Klara’s Journey, The Scattered Tribe, A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe, 4 editions,; A Travel Guide to Jewish Russia and Ukraine, and A Travel Guide to the Jewish Caribbean and South America. He has published articles in Hadassah Magazine, Jerusalem Post, Reform Judaism, The Forward, The New Haven Register, The Arkansas Gazette, Inside Chappaqua Magazine, He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, B.A. cum laude; and Columbia University, M.A.  A native of Pittsburgh, PA, he lived for many years in the New York area with his late wife, Riva. He now resides, in Palm Beach County, FL.


Monday, March 25, 2019

Going to Europe, stop at Vienna?

If you're going to Europethis spring or summer, you might want to stop in Vienna. Here's my JerusalemPostarticle on this remarkable capital of Austriahttps://lnkd.in/enu45ssFor more pick up a copy of ATravel Guide to Jewish Europe, 4th ed. Pelican Publishing. wherever books are sold. https://www.amazon.com/Travel-Guide-Jewish-Europe-Fourth/dp/1455623571/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1518623872&sr=1-3&keywords=travel+guide+to+jewishWherever books are sold, kindle, nook, amazon, B&N, BAM,  

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Review of "A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe, 4th ed, Pelican Publishing,

Association of Jewish Librarians

EditEd by RachEl Kamin & chava PinchuK 
November/December 2018 Volume VIII, No. 4 

Frank, Ben G. A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe. Fourth Edition. Gretna, Louisiana: Pelican Publishing Company, 2018. 656 pp. $19.87. (9781455623570). 
A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe is much more than a book that recommends sites of Jewish interest in Europe. It is a comprehensive guide and reference book to the culture, history, politics and life of Jews who live in Europe. Each chapter begins with a clear map of the country discussed and shows the location of cities where Jews live or have lived in the past. Frank then brie y discusses the Jewish history of each city and country. For example, in the chapter on France, he begins his account with the Roman period and ends with the rise of anti-Semitism and terrorism in today’s France. Each chapter includes concise 
24 AJL Reviews November/December 2018 
Reviews of Non ction Titles for Adults 
biographies of notable Jews who lived in a particular city or country. Included is information on Jewish population (past and present), expulsions, pogroms, blood libels, book burnings, and the inquisition. Frank lists kosher restaurants, synagogues of all denominations, museums, and memorial sites. In addition, he recommends Jewish tours and tour guides. Jewish organizations, community activity centers, libraries, cemeteries are also listed, as well as their addresses and phone numbers. At the end of each chapter Frank recommends books for further study. Black and white photographs of both the interior and exterior of synagogues enhance the book. A comprehensive index is included. A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe is highly recommended for all libraries. It is interesting, well written and can be appreciated by patrons who are planning a trip to Europe or patrons who are interested in the life of European Jews. 
Ilka Gordon, Beachwood, Ohio 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Praise for Library Talk, Glades Road Branch Library

After my book talk, great questions from audience at Glades Road Branch Library, Boca Raton, FL Nice email afterwards from Alena Geidel, Research Services Librarian: “ Thank you, Ben, for speaking today at our library.  The topic (“Jewish Communities in Europe”) was so relevant and interesting to our members!” Sold books, including,  “A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe, 4thed. Pelican Publishing. https://www.amazon.com/Travel-Guide-Jewish-Europe-Fourth/dp/1455623571/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1518623872&sr=1-3&keywords=travel+guide+to+jewishFollow me on twitter @bengfrank.  www.bengfrank.blogspot.com

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Russia and its lack of democratic institutions.

#Russiahas never had democratic institutions. Ask Klara of #KlarasJourney, historical novel, #MarionStreetPress, a story of 'betrayal, drama and love." amzn.to/13Sp769, wherever books are sold, takes place mostly in #Siberia. Wherever books are sold, kindle, nook,

Thursday, December 20, 2018

My article on the Berlin Jewish Museum, in The Jerusalem Post.

My article on the Berlin Jewish Museum just published in The Jerusalem Post, https://www.jpost.com/International/Remarkable-Jewish-museum-in-Berlin-is-reinventing-itself-569862. For more on Jewish museums and monuments in Germany and 20 other countries in Europe, check out “A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe, 4thedition, (Pelican Publishing.) Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target, as well as J. Levine Books and Judaica in New York City. https://www.amazon.com/Travel-Guide-Jewish-Europe-Fourth/dp/1455623571/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1518623872&sr=1-3&keywords=travel+guide+to+jewish  www.bengfrank.blogspot.comFollow me on twitter @bengfrank.