Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lest We Forget, 110 Years ago.

LEST WE FORGET: Of all the pogroms that rocked Tsarist Russia, the one in Kishinev in 1903 is one of the most infamous. In that pogrom, 110 years ago, 49 Jews were killed, 500 injured and 1,500 homes and shops were vandalized in this city that at that time was the capital of Bessarabia. (That city, the capital of Moldova, is now called Chisinau.) The collapse of the Russian government began with the Kishinev pogrom, as it showed  the “ghastly rottenness” of the Tsar’s government.. Klara, of “Klara’s Journey,” (Marion Street Press) will witness the collapse in 1917. “Klara’s Journey,”available on all ebook formats, Also,nook, ipad,Kobo,etc.And wherever books are sold.

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