Friday, December 6, 2013

Honored to have this comment!

Honored to have this comment:
 “…Another brave heroine – and another harrowing adventure – is depicted in Klara’s Journey (Marion Street Press) by Ben G. Frank. A veteran journalist and travel writer, Frank is at his best when explaining the historical circumstances in which his title character finds herself. At the beginning of almost every chapter, he sets the scene, describing what (really) took place at that time and/or place, quoting from historians and offering fascinating lessons about the events leading up to and just following the Russian Civil War….” Cynthia Ramsay, Jewish Independent, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
“Klara’s Journey,” an historical novel.
Makes a  great holiday gift.  Available on all ebook formats, Also,nook, ipad,Kobo,etc.And wherever books are sold.

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