Sunday, September 20, 2015

Russia in Syria!

Do we want Russia in the Middle East, next door to Israel?. Read Aaron David Miller’s quote here, also. “The issue with engaging Mr. Putin on Syria is not that the U.S. looks weak–of course it does–because Moscow has acted and Washington has not reacted. Far more concerning is that Mr. Putin appears to know what he wants: to prop up Mr. Assad, oppose the U.S., and pick up propaganda points abroad. The Obama administration, meanwhile, has objectives that are in conflict with each other and, worse, insufficient assets on the ground to achieve them.”… “U.S. allies Israel and Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, are worried about Russia’s military support for Mr. Assad and that it might extend to Hezbollah, too” Check out my three books on Russia and Ukraine, wherever books are sold. Follow me on twitter @bengfrank

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