Saturday, December 6, 2014

Remember Pearl Harbor

Lest we forget: Dec. 7, 1941. "a date which will live in infamy,” said President Franklin Roosevelt. On that day, in a surprise air attack, Japanese planes bombed  the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The bombing killed more than 2,300 Americans. It completely destroyed the American battleship U.S.S. Arizona and capsized the U.S.S. Oklahoma. The attack sank or beached a total of twelve ships and damaged nine others. 160 aircraft were destroyed and 150 others damaged. The attack took the country by surprise, especially the ill-prepared Pearl Harbor base. Let's REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR. I’m certainly going to mention Pearl Harbor in my talk at Ponte Vecchio Men’s Club breakfast in Boynton Beach, FL today, on “Klara’s Journey,” an historical novel, and “The Scattered Tribe, Traveling the Diaspora from Cuba to India to Tahiti & Beyond,” .



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