Tuesday, March 4, 2014

And to think that Klara Rasputnis

And to think Klara Rasputnis left Odessa in the Ukraine nearly 100 years ago and traveled through that war-torn country on the verge of Civil War--- then and now,---; traveled to Kiev, a besieged city,--- then and now,--- and went onto Moscow, about to become the capital of the Soviet Union,--In “Klara’s Journey,” (Marion Street Press) an historical novel; much of the story takes place in Ukraine. A political synopsis is provided at the beginning of each chapter, much of it prescient. Wherever books are sold, http://amzn.to/13Sp769   Available on all ebook formats, nook, ipad, Kobo, etc Or stop in--- or order from J Levine Judaica in NYC. http://www.levinejudaica.com/catalog/klaras-journey-novelp-by-ben-frank-p-20910.html

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