Thursday, January 9, 2014

Today’s news not only brought polar weather in much of the U.S, but also told of the annual amazing ice city unveiling  of huge snow sculptures in Harbin, China. After and during  World War I and World War II, Harbin was a sanctuary for Jews fleeing the Bolsheviks in  Russia and the Nazis in Germany. In October, 1918, Harbin had 65,000 residents representing 53 nationalities, including 25,000 Jews, among them Klara Rasputnis.  “Welcome to Harbin, in winter, the coldest place on earth,” the concierge informed  Klara whose story of “betrayal, drama and love” is told in “Klara’s Journey, A Novel,” (Marion Street Press) Available wherever books are sold and on all ebook formats. Also,nook,ipad,Kobo,etc.

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