Thursday, November 28, 2013

Where is Klara on Thanksgiving, 1918?

And where’s Klara Rasputnis of “Klara’s Journey,” on Chanukah, 1918? She’s in Vladivostok, where she will be able to smell the salt waters of the Pacific Ocean. It’s been a year since she left Odessa. 
“ I feel like a sprinter crashing past the finish line in a long marathon,” she says…
  A few weeks later, Klara will stand on the upper deck of the SS Nippon Maru. She’s going to the “Land of the Rising Sun. ….”
“So long Vladivostok. Bye darling Sid.”
“Back at the Welfare Center, however,  the director, staff, and guests wonder why Klara left so early in the morning, without notice, without a good-bye, and without official papers?” 
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Happy Chanukah/ Thanksgiving

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